The Producers

These people put their heart and soul into their wines,

for us to enjoy.

Alexandre Almeida Hotels

more Alexandre Almeida Hotels

Alvaro Castro

The text below was borrowed from Jamie Goode's with his... more Alvaro Castro

Anselmo Mendes

more Anselmo Mendes

Antonio Madeira

António Madeira, who is French of Portuguese descent, has his roots in the... more Antonio Madeira


more APHROS Wine

Barbeito Vinhos

more Barbeito Vinhos


more Blandy's

Carlos Raposo

Carlos Raposo spread his wings after his studies and went on an internship in... more Carlos Raposo


We started working with CARM in 2000 for the fine quality of their olive oil.... more CARM

Casa da Passarella

more Casa da Passarella

Casa Ferreirinha

When speaking about the Douro there are names that stand out and that of Dona... more Casa Ferreirinha

Casal Figueira - Marta Soares

more Casal Figueira - Marta Soares

Caves São João

more Caves São João


more d'Oliveira

Encosta da Quinta (Humus)

more Encosta da Quinta (Humus)

Filipa Pato

more Filipa Pato

Geraçoes da Talha

more Geraçoes da Talha

Indicio Vinhos

more Indicio Vinhos

Jorge Moreira (Poeira)

Jorge is one of the truly exceptional talents in Douro and in the last few... more Jorge Moreira (Poeira)

José Maria da Fonseca

more José Maria da Fonseca

Lavradores de Feitoria

Lavradores de Feitoria was created in 2000 bringing together the vines and... more Lavradores de Feitoria

Luis Gil

Luis Gil probably makes the most refined and most layered natural wines in our... more Luis Gil

Luis Seabra

more Luis Seabra

Menina d'Uva

In 2017, Aline exchanged the metropolis where she grew up for the unsightly... more Menina d'Uva

MOB - Moreira, Olazabal & Borges

more MOB - Moreira, Olazabal & Borges


The fifth generation, Eduard Dirk Niepoort is ahead of the business, since the... more Niepoort

Quinta da Murta

more Quinta da Murta

Quinta da Vacariça - François Chasans

more Quinta da Vacariça - François Chasans

Quinta das Bageiras

Quinta das Bageiras is undoubtedly one of the references for sparkling wines in... more Quinta das Bageiras

Quinta do Mouro

The text below was borrowed from Jamie Goode's with his... more Quinta do Mouro

Quinta do Vale Meão

more Quinta do Vale Meão

Quinta dos Carvalhais

The range of wines produced is a balanced mix of traditionally made Dão wines... more Quinta dos Carvalhais

Rui Reguinga

more Rui Reguinga


more Soalheiro

Vinho Chinado

more Vinho Chinado

Vitor Claro

more Vitor Claro

Wine & Soul

Wine and Soul was founded in 2001 by Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio... more Wine & Soul

XXVI Talhas

Our first wine trip after the lockdown scourge was an immediate hit: we... more XXVI Talhas