The company has two facilities, both located in Funchal; the winery and head office are located at the Mercês Complex and the wine lodges on Avenida Arriaga.
The Mercês Compex has been the object of significant improvements in 1998 and 2001, having a total storage capacity of approximately 50.000hl, including 14.000hl in wood casks and vats and 7.300hl in “estufas”. The vinification area has a capacity of receiving approximately 130 tons of grapes a day with two vinification lines allowing separation of white and red grape varieties – which are interchangeable and attached to modern auto-vinification tanks.
The bottling line is equipped with three lines: a fully automated line with a capacity to bottle 6.000 units per hour, a manual line with a capacity bottling a 1000 units per hour and an automatic minia- ture bottle line.
The Mercês Complex also houses the Cooperage, where 4 coopers maintain the stock of old seasoned oak casks using skills which have been passed down through the generations.
The Blandy’s wine lodges are located on Avenida Arriaga, in the centre of town. The premises have a unique micro-climate due to its solar exposure, brick roofs, thick walls and wooden floor. The lofts continue to be used as a key element in the aging of Blandy’s finest wines, by means of the tradi- tional “canteiro system”. Guided tours are available for those interested in learning more about the history of the family and the company, the island, and the techniques used during the vinification and aging processes. The tour ends with a tasting of a range of Madeira wines.