Carlos Raposo

Back Home in Dão

Carlos Raposo spread his wings after his studies and went on an internship in Bordeaux and Bourgogne, among others. After that he was a winemaker at Niepoort for 7 years, where we got to know him.
In 2018 he returned to his home region of Dão with ambitious plans to make wines of the highest level.

At the beginning of this year, he knocked on our door with the first results in the bottle. The decision to work together was made quickly. The wines of Carlos Raposo are a huge asset to Portugal and immediately rank among the top.
Carlos already started preparing for his own project during his period at Niepoort. He then regularly went in the Dão region in search of old vineyards and tried to convince the owners to rent out their plot.
He did the same in the northern region of Vinho Verde. In terms of soil (granite) and climate (the coolest in Portugal), the two regions are very similar. Logically, Carlos also wanted to find grapes there.

The result can now be tasted on 3 levels:
With Ideal, Carlos makes more accessible wines, but already in a refined style and with aging potential for those who want it
Definido is the Dão in its most intense form. The grapes come from vineyards between 60 and 100 years old for a reason. They produce few grapes, but with a huge amount of matter.
And then there is the series Vinhos Imperfeitos, where Carlos tries to realize the impossible and already realizes one of the more successful attempts in history. With the Imperfeitos wines, Carlos looks for absolute precision. The wines are stripped down to the essentials and delivered in pure form. 3 Pontos gives Vinho Verde a whole new dimension, the D & V cuvée stuns with an unreleased blend of Dão and Vinho Verde and the absolute pinnacle had to come from the home region: Imperfeitos Vinho I is Dão Premier Grand Cru.
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