Lavradores de Feitoria

Lavradores de Feitoria was created in 2000 bringing together the vines and resources of 15 different quintas in 1 company.

A new modern winery was constructed and Dirk Niepoort was asked to determine the style of the various wines in the range.

Today Lavradores offers great values in its basic range with 'Douro' being both in white and in red, despite its name, a somewhat atypical, light, highly refreshing and fruit-charming expression of its region. With 'Tres Bagos' in the middles range carefully blended with grapes coming from various quintas in the 3 main subregions and thus bringing a sort of synthesis of Douro and finally with 'Meruge' being the most elegant expression possible of the terroir of Quinta de Meruge, a single estate in the Cima Corgo.




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