Quinta dos Carvalhais

The range of wines produced is a balanced mix of traditionally made Dão wines (like the white Colheita Seleccionada with its prolonged ageing and the Reserva red) and more modernly inspired ones (mainly the single variety wines).

QUINTA DOS CARVALHAIS was born in the Mangualde council area, at the beautiful estate to which it owes its name. The region’s main vine varieties were planted at the estate and a modern wine centre, still the Dão’s most important reference, was built. The wine centre is also quite important for many of the region’s wine-growers, who deliver their grapes to the estate.

The experience of decades is thus joined by modern methods, as well as by the endeavour of Sogrape’s oenology team, contributing in this way to a swift revelation of the full modernity and quality of Dão wines. QUINTA DOS CARVALHAIS brings with it a renewal of Dão wines. Today it is a reference for the region and for the country’s wine-growing industry as a whole, offering the highest-quality wines.

QUINTA DOS CARVALHAIS is Dão’s specialist brand, with a range of wines of excellent quality and a style of its own. The confirmation of a future of quality made real today, because…”Only a great love can make great wines”.



This region produces some of the most elegant, mineral and complex wines in Portugal. It’s located in the heart of the country, approximately 70km south of the Douro valley. Its inland location would have you expect wines with a serious ripeness and concentration but the opposite is true. Due to the surrounding mountain ridges, the elevation... More

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