XXVI Talhas

Made in clay

Our first wine trip after the lockdown scourge was an immediate hit: we discovered the primal traditional wines of XXVI Talhas, made on amphorae.
4 friends re-activated a cellar with 26 old amphorae after 30 years, restoring the wonderful tradition of wine made on amphorae.
Joiner Daniel (respectfully called 'mestre' in the village because of his craftsmanship) had collected 26 old amphorae in his workshop during his lifetime. He combined carpentry with wine making and selling.
With the amphorae, he opted for the most traditional and also very natural way of making wine.

In 1990 Daniel died and it became quiet in the basement. Until some young villagers decided to renovate the cellar and now since 2018 they have been making wine again according to the old tradition.

Wine made in amphorae is completely unique and the result of a very natural vinification. The slightly bruised grapes are thrown into the amphorae with skins and stems. Without any interference, the juice starts to ferment. Towards the end of fermentation, the amphora is closed at the top to avoid oxidate. The mass of peels and stalks gradually sinks down.
When the wine has matured sufficiently, it is drained through a tap at the bottom of the amphora. The settled peel mass ensures natural filtering.




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