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  • Xisto Cru branco

    Xisto Cru branco 2019

    Luis Seabra worked for more than 10 years as an oenologist for Dirk Niepoort and finally went... More

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  • Monte Meão, Vinha dos Novos

    Monte Meão, Vinha dos Novos 2017

    The wines of Vale Meão are considered the absolute top of the Douro and we invite you... More

    sold out; 2018 in stock 11/2021

  • CARM Reserva tinto

    CARM Reserva tinto 2018

    The olive oil of the Madeira family was our first discovery in Portugal and by following the... More

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  • Po de Poeira tinto

    Po de Poeira tinto 2019

    This is the 2nd wine of Poeira, from the same north-facing slope as the top wine, but from a... More

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