Colar Tinto

Colar Tinto 2018

Grape variety
Drinking window
Fermented at 50% in whole bunches and macerated in stainless steel tanks for five days.
12 months in stainless steel vats, then bottled without filtration.

The vines are on average 25 years old and are located in prehistoric sand dunes on cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean, north of Lisbon. They are deeply rooted in a layer of clay 2 to 4 metres deep. The wines of Colares benefit from unique and sustainable artisanal cultivation practices. The appellation has now been reduced to a few hectares due to progressive urbanisation, as well as the difficulty of producing wines on this exceptional terroir, if only because of the winds. 

Delicious "crisp" red wine, juicy, and light because of its acidity structure, with a salty, iodised touch. Only 11% alcohol.

Vitor Claro began his career as a chef and that is how we met him, the man who proposed refined and contemporary creations from traditional Portuguese dishes. In 2010, during a mission in the kitchen of an hotel in Alentejo, he was intrigued by winemaking and began making his first wine with a winemaker he had befriended. Vitor then set his sights on an old vineyard in northern Alentejo. There, in the mountains of São Mamede, he found the cooler climate that allowed him to produce a gastronomic wine, a wine that matched his culinary creations. 

In 2018, 3,200 bottles were produced. We have benefited from 600 bottles. 

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