M.O.B. Senna branco

M.O.B. Senna branco 2018

Grape variety
Encruzado, Bical
Drinking window
Fermented partly in small stainless steel vats and partly in oak barrels (30% new barrels).
It is aged for 8 months with light battonage.

Three friends from the Douro valley, each of whom deserved their share of gratitude, were dreaming of adventure. When Alvaro Castro, from the neighbouring Dão region, told them about an estate for sale, they didn't hesitate for long. They now produce elegant and lighter wines in Dão alongside their rather powerful Douro wines. Jorge Moreira (Poeira), Xito Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão) and Jorge Borges (Pintas) are all producers of great wines that are well known in the Douro. Thanks to a later harvest in the Dão, they could easily meet this new challenge together. From the few beautiful plots at the foot of the Serra da Estrela, a first red M.O.B., a blend of Touriga, Alfrocheiro Jaen and Baga, was released in 2011. In 2012 a white M.O.B. based on Encruzado and Bical appeared. Finally, the accessible red Corujão has in the meantime become an absolute success among Belgian wine lovers.

The nose is full of complex aromas, with notes of gunpowder and minerality appearing between fruity and floral. The palate is exceptionally mineral, salty and limpid with an excellent texture and very lively acidity. The finish is tight and long, with a nice fresh and well integrated acidity.

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    This region produces some of the most elegant, mineral and complex wines in Portugal. It’s located in the heart of the country, approximately... More

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