Phaunus Loureiro

Phaunus Loureiro 2016

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The Phaunus cuvée is vinified without the help of electrical energy. After the harvest, the grapes are immediately destemmed, crushed and pressed in an artisanal way. Fermentations are carried out with the skins and thanks to indigenous yeasts in clay amphorae closed with beeswax.
in clay amphorae and on lees for 7 months. Bottling without fining or filtration.

Aphros is a new partner of The Portugal Collection. While our other partners at Vinho Verde focus mainly on the Alvarinho grape variety, Vasco Croft is entirely dedicated to making the best possible wines from the Loureiro grape variety.

He has opted for a biodynamic approach in his vineyard. 

Vasco Croft has two wineries, the modern, recently built cellar where the wines are vinified using modern tools (vibrating sorting tables, stainless steel vats with temperature control, etc.) and an old medieval cellar where modernity is totally excluded, the cellar is not even connected to electricity.
The Phaunus cuvées are made in this old cellar, the wines are made in clay amphoras. 

Vasco's more conventional Aphros and Phaunus vintages, together with the Loureiro, reach an unequalled level.

The nose offers rich and complex notes of orange jam, yellow apple, honey, camomile and lime-tree tea, as well as smoky aromas, spices such as white pepper and a slight touch of iodine. The palate is sweet but with firm acidity and a slight bitterness, the finish is persistent and spicy. 

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