Poeira branco

Poeira branco 2016

Grape variety
Drinking window
Short pellicular maceration, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in new barrels.
Aged in used barrels.

In 2001, Jorje Moreira took over just under 10 hectares of vines in the Douro. 7.5 hectares of old vines around 60 years old and 1.5 hectares of young vines situated on a sloping terrace on the northern slope of the Douro Valley. On this uncommonly exposed plot, the vines do not see the sun for part of the day.  Historically this plot was described as unsuitable for the production of good wine but Jorge Moreira decided otherwise and set about creating wines adapted to this atypical terroir. He then created wines combining the classic power of the Douro with elegance. Jorge Moreira's grapes ripen less quickly because they are protected from the sun during the hottest hours of the day. As a result, the grapes retain more acidity and accumulate less sugar. This gives wines with a beautiful freshness that retain a certain power while having a lower alcohol content than in the rest of the AOC.

Poeira means "dust" in Portuguese because the soil is dusty in summer, wind and water erosion is a major problem in the region.   
Jorge Moreira quickly turned to organic farming and now to biodynamics.

His Alvarinho vines are planted at the highest altitude on the estate and benefit from minimal sunshine. Alvarinho is best known for its mineral wines on acidity, made from the Portuguese Vinho Verde and the neighbouring Spanish Rias Baixas. 
The result is a very original Alvarinho that is barely recognisable to those who know the specimens from Northern Portugal and Spain. At the same time, it introduces an alternative style of white wine that positively complements the Douro variety.

The nose is very aromatic, with notes of melon, pear, mint and fresh grapefruit, white peach, apricot and also white currant. The palate is atypical for an Alvarinho, with aromas of strawberry and brioche, fresh grass and pineapple.
The palate is also marked by a very high acidity, the saline minerality wraps itself around the passion fruit. The finish revolves around grapefruit and notes of wood, it is immensely long.

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    Jorge Moreira (Poeira)

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