Soalheiro rosé

Soalheiro rosé 2021

Grape variety
Alvarinho 70% and Pinot Noir 30%
Drinking window
in stainless steel
in stainless steel

With its elegance and minerality, this Soalheiro is a wine for everyone - of every age and gender - and for many occasions, and we hope that its consumers will find that special moment to celebrate with the Soalheiro Mineral Rosé. We want to be part of those special moments. The Soalheiro Mineral Rosé can be enjoyed as an excellent relaxing aperitif, because it is very in line with the current trend of consuming wine by the glass. It is also a perfect addition to lighter dishes such as salads, fish or shellfish. One of the main goals of Soalheiro is to produce "wines that offer drinking pleasure", because we believe in quality and the step towards appreciating wines with a more moderate alcohol content. This Soalheiro Mineral Rosé owes its tenacity to Pinot Noir and its elegance to Alvarinho, with an average alcoholic strength of 12.5%

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