D'Oliveira Sercial 1999

Region: Madeira

Producer: Pereira D'Oliveira Vinhos Lda.

The driest style with vineyards in the north and south of the island.

The top vineyard is Jardim da Serra near Estreite Camara de lobos , but most come from the north at high altitude with a total of 17 hect. In plantings.

Sercial has a large portion of acidity and at its best requires long barrel aging.

Pereira D'Oliveira
Luis Oliveira, owner of this legendary winery, is sitting on an unseen resource of old wines. A result of the decision to start exporting only in the 1970s. Before that, the wines were only sold on the island so annual production never exceeded sales. Even today D'Oliveira has only a limited number of importers in the world, thus remaining the patron of his historic collection of old wines. The oldest wines date back to 1850 and are scrumptious.

D'Oliveira's wines are "old school" with more oxidation and tertiary notes. However, because the wines are mostly recent bottlings, they have an incredible balance of candied notes and oxidative elements with good integration of alcohol.

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    Volume 75.0cl
    Grape Variety Sercial
    Drinking window Now - ∞
    Alc. 20.0%
    Vinificatie Fortified wine (cessation of the fermentation process by adding alcohol).
    Rijping Long aging in old barrels (Canteiro) in an oxidative environment (barrels are never refilled).
    Lichtvoetig Full-bodied
    Toegankelijk Complex