Vitor Claro

Vitor Claro is a chef by training, and anyone who has had the pleasure of eating at his restaurant near Lisboa knows he can cook. Through cooking, he became fascinated with wine. Especially the finesse of Burgundy wines intrigued him. So when he discovered an old vineyard in northern Alentejo in 2010, it didn't take much for him to take on a new challenge.

Soon Vitor was assisted in winemaking by his wife Rita and it became a family business. The vineyards with which the first steps were taken at the time are now also their property. They are located in the mountainous area north of Portalegre, that particular subregion of Alentejo where today everyone seems to want to acquire a plot.
Vitor, like Rui Reguinga, realized early on that this was a very different Alentejo, with a remarkably cooler climate and very interesting old vineyards scattered here and there.
Rita and Vitor make wine very intuitively and primitively. They follow their feelings and rely on nature. For example, there is no refrigeration in the adega where they make their wine.
Their Alentejo wines are marketed under the Domino label.
But Vitor was born and raised in Lisboa and so he had to make wine there as well. Especially since the very cool Atlantic climate is the ideal place for him to make wine. Not far from where he used to have his restaurant, in the almost vanished appellations


Carcavelos and Colares, he found some vineyards neglected by their owners. He was able to rent them and is now making a second series of irresistibly light-hearted wines there under the "Colar" label.
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