Port Wine, a new generation a new dimension

by Kris Jeuris, 04 December 2021

Port wine sales have been declining for some years. The big port houses didn't see it coming. They are responding much too late now, but in our opinion with the wrong measures. Still, the future looks bright. Thanks to an intervention by the European Union quite some time ago, a new generation of winemakers can today seduce you more than ever with top-quality port, tailored to what we expect from sweet wine in the 21st century.

Read the story below or scroll down quickly for a quick guide to the different port types at the end of the blogpost.


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Alvarinho, grape variety report

by Kris Jeuris, 04 February 2018

It was one of the first Portuguese grape varieties to be bottled as a single variety. Its full-bodied, subtly fragrant white wines are easy to recognise, their complex but delicate aromas reminiscent of peach, lemon, passion fruit, lychee, orange zest, jasmin, orange blossom and lemon balm. The wines are delicious young, but they can also age well, often for ten years or more. Alvarinho grows mostly along the River Minho, right up in the north of the Vinho Verde region - the northern Vinho Verde sub-regions of Monção and Melgaço are its famous heartlands. Compared to other Vinho Verde, it makes richer wines, higher in alcohol. Alvarinho vines are vigorous, and care is needed to restrain their exuberant vegetation, yet grape yield is low, the bunches small, the grapes very pippy. (source winesofportugal)

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Holiday season asks for a nice bottle of Port wine.

by Kris, 17 December 2016

It's the holiday season and that means Port wine appears on the table more frequently. Belgian consumers still consider it all too often as an aperitif and who are we to deny them their pleasure.

However, we would like to suggest trying it rather at the end of the meal. The magic of port wine really happens when you serve a glass of fine port with nice cheeses or dessert.

To help you better understand the various styles of port wine that are available, have a look at Wine Folly's easy-to-use infographic here.

Feel free to contact us to help you choose the right bottle for you or have a look at the port wines we have on offer here.

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Our take on Portuguese wines

by Kris, 01 November 2016

The Portugal Collection is the result of a never ending search for wines with ‘Alma’, wines with a ‘soul’, that we wish to share with you.

Drinking an intriguing Portuguese wine* was enough to get us on a plane to Lisboa in the summer of 2000. Countless discovery tours later, we now present you a collection of wines of which each bottle tells the story of its origin, of the land, of the cool climate determined by the Atlantic ocean and not in the least of its maker.

The producers we work with all have a strong personality. Through their passion and devotion they manage to infuse their wines with a piece of their soul.

That is what we wish to guarantee: you may like our wines or perhaps not, but hopefully they won’t go unnoticed.

 *a Vinhas Velhas 1995 of Luis Pato to be precise

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