Barbeito Vinhos

While other houses have been in business for several centuries, the Barbeito family did not start producing Madeira until 1946. At first, the focus was on volume rather than quality. This clearly changed when Ricardo Diogo Freitas took over the company in 1991.

The choice of quality did have a big impact. Because the discontinuation of the bulk business (3-year-old kitchen Madeira) halved sales, Ricardo had to look for fresh money to keep the firm straight. In the Japanese Kinoshita family, he found the perfect business partner.
His drive for innovation resulted in an unseen new winery atop the mountain in Camara de Lobos, where Barbeito found the conditions to make wines in his innovative style.
Although the family was also known for an impressive stock of old historic wines, Ricardo has been able to shift focus to a range of younger wines that are totally different from what was common in the past. His innovative approach over the last 10 years has resulted in wines that more closely approximate the style of a late harvest riesling, but always retaining the madeira character.
The wines contain a unique purity and energy, with an underlying acidity that gives all wines an elegance that has become his signature . It was also Ricardo who was the first to market delicious Canteiro wines based on Tinta Negra Mole. Without doubt a choice that gave him an edge over other producers and earned him the title of "gamechanger" in the international press. Also the Madeira Collection 1/2/3/4/5 are blends based on these young vinous Barbeito wines

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