The Madeira Wine Company (MWC for short) is a relatively young company but with a long history. Briefly stated, the company is a result of decades of acquisitions of various well-known families and brands. The MWC includes such well-known brands as Blandy's, Leacock's, Cossart Gordon, Miles and others.

Because of this merge, the company owns an impressive stock of aged wines.
Today the day-to-day management is in young Chris Blandy's hands and you can feel the flexibility you can expect from a young CEO. Chris has also understood that new markets (as well as existing ones) are open to a new style of wine.
He has with winemaker Francisco Albuquerque probably the best winemaker on board to get the company ready for a bright future.
For example, in August 2016 they moved the entire wine stock to Caniçal and have a new winery available with state-of-the-art facilities close to the port. Chris Blandy also invested in an impressive new vineyard to grow sercial and verdelho in Quinta do Furao in Sao Jorge. This proprietary 2-hectare vineyard should make the company less dependent in the future on scarcity of grape supply and fits into Chris Blandy's strategy of taking the reins himself.
Today, most of the young wines, blends of 5/10/15...years old and colheitas are sold under the brand name Blandy's. They invariably have a soft and round character with great accessibility to the general public, but also with a nice depth and harmony in the wine.

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