M.O.B. stands for Moreira, Olazabal and Borges. With this, 3 befriended winemakers from the Douro unite to make wine together in the neighboring Dão region. They are not from the least as they are responsible in the Douro for the production of Poeira, Quinta do Vale Meão and Wine & Soul, respectively.

In 10 years, the 3 friends have shown themselves to be a great asset to the Dão region. In 2012 their eye fell on Quinta de Corujão, an estate with great potential, located at the foot of the Serra da Estrela. They decided to take the step to make wine there together.
Because harvesting in the Dão occurs on average 2-3 weeks later than in Douro, the project was perfectly compatible with their main activity.
M.O.B. thus offers them the chance to make very different wines as well. Surely the Dão has a remarkably cooler climate and very different soil. The grape varieties are also mostly different.
Working in 2 such different regions undoubtedly offer new insights that ultimately benefit all wines.

In the meantime, we think the M.O.B. wines are a very nice addition to the region.
Het is tevens de bron voor onze Portugal Collection Exclusive: Corujão.
Every year there are a number of cuves that the gentlemen of M.O.B. do not use because they do not have the concentrated profile 
that they seek for the M.O.B. labels.
So since we also like to drink a more lighthearted version of Dão, with each harvest we see if there is an interesting wine in the remaining cuves that we bottle under the Corujão label.
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