Blandy's Sercial 1940

Region: Madeira

Producer: Madeira Wine Company SA

The driest style with vineyards in the north and south of the island.

The top vineyard is Jardim da Serra near Estreite Camara de lobos , but most come from the north at high altitudes with a total of 17 hect. In plantings.

Sercial has a large portion of acidity and at its best requires long barrel aging.


Flagship of the Madeira Wine Company. Indeed, the MWC includes well-known brands such as Blandy's, Leacock's, Cossart Gordon, Miles and others.

Because of this grouping of names, the company owns an impressive stock of aged wines. They invariably have a soft and round character with great accessibility for the general public, but also with a nice depth and harmony in the wine.

900.00 € 900.0 EUR 900.00 €

743.80 €

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    Volume 75.0cl
    Grape Variety Sercial
    Drinking window now-∞
    Alc. 20.0%
    Vinificatie Fortified wine (cessation of the fermentation process by adding alcohol).
    Rijping Long aging in old barrels (Canteiro) in an oxidative environment (barrels are never refilled).
    Lichtvoetig Full-bodied
    Toegankelijk Complex