Today, north of the capital Lisboa, you can find numerous wine projects that make the most of the potential of this cooler coastal area.

Pioneer in that field was Rodrigo Filipe of Humus, and he remains one of our personal favorites even today.

Rodrigo went to work in the mid-2000s on a small vineyard that his father had half-heartedly planted as a hobby. He had no training as an oenologist, but he proceeded instinctively. And Rodrigo had a vision: to work as simply and naturally as possible. He chose organic viticulture and in 2007 received certification for it.
The 9ha of vineyard he farms today are less than 20km from the Atlantic coast, just south of the town of Caldas da Rainha.
A short walk among his vines quickly reveals that this proximity to the ocean makes itself felt: a refreshing sea breeze is almost always on the appointment.
And with that, defining Rodrigo's wines is easy: He produces, under the aptly named Humus, very fresh, elegant wines (both white, red and rosé) with remarkably low alcohol levels but with lots of flavor. His natural approach also gives the wines an infectious energy.
With Humus we brought in a lot of uncomplicated and authentic drinking pleasure, made by a warm-hearted and humble man, who lives very close to nature - working among his vines as much as necessary and grabbing his surf board when the waves are good - who doesn't say a word too much, but knows what he wants.

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